Our dating tips are here to give you direction for safe dating practices. Although this is an online dating site, these guidelines can apply to meeting strangers in any situations.

Meet in a well lighted, public place which each of you can get to easily. Always arrange to meet in a busy public place. If possible, double date or go out with a group of people. Avoid secluded areas such as parks. If you arrange to meet the other person, leave a trail. Tell a trusted friend or relative who you are meeting, where and what time you’re expected back.

Do not rely only on email or written letters to get acquainted only- use the phone as well. Do not promise a date or a meeting until you have had at least five fifteen minute or longer conversations by phone in advance of suggesting a personal meeting.

Use email and the telephone to ask open ended questions and get the other person to share information about himself/herself. In other words, after asking “What kind of work do you do”?, ask “Why do you like that kind of work? What led you into that field?”. Gently interview the other person. Explain to him/her that you don’t wish to “pry” into their life, but you feel there are definite possibilities for getting acquainted and you want to be very thorough in this preliminary stage.

Be “businesslike”. Don’t arrange a first “date” — arrange a “meeting”, lunch or coffee break with a defined ending time. It should be casual.

If you decide to make a date, never give personal details such as your address or surname. It is possible for address details to be obtained through your telephone number, so again be very guarded about giving out this information. If you’re not with a friend, tell someone where you are going, who with (include the person’s name, phone number and address) and when you’ll be back.

Trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy about someone, there may be a reason. Don’t tell yourself you’re being silly. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t give them personal details about yourself and don’t arrange a second date. BASHERT DOES NOT screen applicants for criminal backgrounds. This applies to all profiles.

Never under any circumstances lend money to someone you do not know on a personal basis, have never met, and have no way of confirming their identity:

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